Saturday, 6 February 2016


In education, a portfolio can be cretaed by both teachers and students. It contains a compilation of one´s academic work, the learning progress, teaching quality and academic achievement. It must also show one´s reflection on their work and a self-assessment. Thanks to the portfolio a student think of their strengths and weaknesses regarding any issue and they can develope a higher knowledge on it. Moreover, teachers can use student´s portfolio in order to monitor in a more accurant way the learning process and provide individualized lessons. In my case, this portfolio bring me the chance to reflect on my ICT competence regarding teaching. I will use this blog to show my learning progress while I am taking a Master in Bilingua Education, specially all the features that connect education with technology. In case you want to know more about portfolio regarding education here is alink where you will find a bunch of information.

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