Friday, 18 March 2016

My e-project prototype video clip

Hello everybody!

I would like to show you my e-project design. It will be about the animals and it is intended for third graders although it could be adapted to other levels.
The main objective is to use interactive resources such edited videos and online games where children will be encouraged to learn about the topic and be engaged with the classes.
Here you have the e-project outline draft for those who might want to know more about the project:
Moreover, I created a video where I recorded myself in order to show the project and highlight all the attractive aspects of it. I wanted to make a realistic project that could be implemented in a real present class.
This video has helped me to get some more confidence for recording myself and I am sure that I will be prepared for coming flipped classes.
To edit the video I used Sony Vegas Pro. It is a fantastic tool although it is not available a free version.
Here you have the video clip:
Thank you very much,

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Evaluating CLIL e-projects

Hello everybody! In class we did an activity where we had to evaluate a project created by another person.

First off, the project I decided to evaluate is in this link:

This project was created by a webprofile named mthornton and I found out that this person has a lot of other project an educational resources thta might be useful for us. Therefore, here you have the link to his personal profile:

The project I evaluated and the rest of projects that this person had gathered before belong to the same tool: LiveBinders
 This is the link of the tool if you want to have a look and share more educational resources with other teachers and members of the community:

This tool is fantastic to organize your ideas and put them together in order to create a nice product. It is an online public tool so all the resources are available for the rest of people and the exchange of information is constant.

 Regarding my evaluation I decided to use Genially because this tool catched my attention and I wanted to know how to work with it. My first impressions were good as I checked all the possible templates, pictures, effects and animations that the programme offers us.

 Despite all these nice aspects I realized that something that simple as the letter size could not be changed while editing the slides and that is something to improve for the genially staff.
Here is the link to my evaluation:

Anyway, this activity has helped me understand how rubricks work and how to put them into practice. Evaluatiuon is a essential part of education and we as teachers need to master it from the very beginning.
Only by this way we will get a efficient and effective teaching.