Friday, 18 March 2016

My e-project prototype video clip

Hello everybody!

I would like to show you my e-project design. It will be about the animals and it is intended for third graders although it could be adapted to other levels.
The main objective is to use interactive resources such edited videos and online games where children will be encouraged to learn about the topic and be engaged with the classes.
Here you have the e-project outline draft for those who might want to know more about the project:
Moreover, I created a video where I recorded myself in order to show the project and highlight all the attractive aspects of it. I wanted to make a realistic project that could be implemented in a real present class.
This video has helped me to get some more confidence for recording myself and I am sure that I will be prepared for coming flipped classes.
To edit the video I used Sony Vegas Pro. It is a fantastic tool although it is not available a free version.
Here you have the video clip:
Thank you very much,

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