Monday, 29 February 2016


During this course I learnt how to add a creative commons license for my blog and the different license versions.

Here is my blog license link:

I decided to add a license which allows anybody to freely adapt or modify the material I created with any purpose, even commercial purposes. My blog is available for everybody, therefore I know that somebody could find some of my posted materials useful. The fact of reflecting on what I am saying or showing and adpating it to one´s perspective is honourable.

However, using the material I created on my own requires a fair acknowledgment as credit the copyright holder of the work. If somebody uses my work then they will need to attribute it to me by providing my name and the material link where they took it. Moreover, my blog does not allow anybody to use my personal material for commercial purposes. That is, my work is created to be shared with everybody, but this material will not help anybody to earn money.

Regarding Creative Commons material in class with children it is important to know how to tackle this issue and teach students how to use it. Children need to know that creativity in unvaluable and that everybody must create their own materials. Sharing information and perspectives is fantastic but we should not forget who is the owner of the information we might be working on.

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