Sunday, 7 February 2016


A first step to get into the ICT world is making an introduction of yourself, and a video is possibly the best option to share all the information you want the rest to know.

Regarding my personal introduction I chose Pow Toon to make my create an attractive video where I could show some interesting things about me. Pow Toon is a web tool that provide us with a lot of resources and different ways to convey the same message.
You can use images, music, videos and attractive animations. Moreover,  you have several templates which adapt perfectly to the presentation style you want to show.
Although it could seem too sophisticated it is actually really easy to follow and you constantly receive tips, clues and tutorials to make the presentation exactly as you imagined before.
Apart from logistics, Pow Toon allowes us to export the video to either You Tube or Vimeo, great platforms for publishing any video.
To summarize, I recommend you to use this tool as soon as you have the chance to show something important to relatives, friends, colleagues or students.

Here is the link:

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