Tuesday, 9 February 2016


The PLE (Personal Learning Environment) and PLN (Personal Learning Network) is fantastic way to organize clearly what you know about any topic, which source you used (PLE) and where you shared what you know with other people (PLN). It is a metacongnitive activity that can lead you to knowledge development on the specific area you are working on.

When I was in the Master classclass I had enough time to see all the the different suggested mindmap tools. I found some of them which were fantastic like Popplet or Creative Multimedia Outlines. However, at the end, I decided to use Coggle because it is a decent tool that give us the opportunity to create an attractive and serious diagram. Moreover, Coggle provide us with different ways to share our artifact like using the link or dowloading the diagram in both PDF or PNG format. And what is more, the diagram can be developed by more than one person at the same time, so it is perfect for group work because people can interact each other with their colleagues while they all see a live diagram.
Regarding my PLE and PLN I have to say that I took  also into account the Bachelor´s Degree last year and Master´s one.  Fortunately I could learn a lot about CLIL before starting the Master, so I have been able to increase my knowledge about the topic focusing on some terms which were not as important before.
Furthermore, apart from classes, last year I had the chance to develope a deeper knowledege about CLIL as I carried out the TFG about this topic precisely. Then, it played a big role in my PLE and PLN.
I did not want to forget about the scholar intership periods I had during the degree. They were really important for me beacuse I was in three different bilingual primary schools and I could put into practice what I had learnt about CLIL beforehand.
In logistic terms, I must say that the decision of not adding picture into the diagram was personal although you might disagree. However, I think that there is to much information and that adding images will make the diagram be over the top and hard to follow.

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