Monday, 29 February 2016


Here you can see six of the pins that I added to the bank of common knowledge called Open CLIL in Pinterest. In this board all the students of this Master in Bilingual Education gather interesting information and useful resources for CLIL. This is the Open CLIL board link:

Here are the six pins URLs:

Effective group work: This is a nice blog where a ICT committed teacher explains how to carry out group work activities successfully.

Phonics: Fun video that makes a difficult issue simple and easy to understand. How two-consecutive-vowel words are pronounced? Here you can see it.

Job virtual games: Good website where children can get closer to the proffesions they are interest in. They can check if they really like that job or not. Perhaps they could find their vocational job that soon!

Edpuzzle: Fantastic tool that let teachers edit and modify videos so that they can be followed easily. Moreover, teachers might add questions during the video and check whether the students have understood the content or not.

Blended learning: Javier Touron brings us a neat outline about what blended learning is. Something to take into account by teachers.

Seterra online: A wonderful website where students can play different game styles in order to challenge their knowledge about geography.

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