Friday, 22 April 2016

What type of reader am I?

During our lives we could have read hundreds of books. They offer us fantastic stories, useful information or new ways to perceive the world. We learn from the stories because they give us experience regarding a specific situation. We acquire knowledge about any subject and this knowledge broaden our mind.

I would like to take advantage of this World Book Day which is quite close and I will show what type of reader I am and what are the books that have most influenced on my life.

Here you can see this collage which summarizes the main ideas of my reading experience and my tastes:

  However, that´s not all. There is something else hidden behind the image. You have the chance to see it if you follow this basic steps:

- Download Aurasma in your mobile phone. If you don´t know what Aurasma is then you can clic on this link to another entry of this blog where it is well explained.

- Follow the channel "GuillermoLagarejos", which is my channel.
- Now, if you point the movil camera to the image with the Aurasma App you will enjoy the hidden surprise.

Everything will be clarified then and you will know more about my profile as a reader. If you have any doubt about the Aurasma process or about my reading tastes you can ask me on twitter at GLHmaster.

Apart from this you can also enjoy all the fantastic contributtions of other people to the Pinterest Board of "A Wall of Books". Here you can see how many people share their experience regarding reading and their favourite books.

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