Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Storyboard and videoclip for a research

In this activity we had to carry out the second part of the cooperative project based on animals topic. The members of the group are Marina Goizueta, Teresa Martín, Laura Pérez, Sara Rodríguez, María Collado and me, Guillero Lagarejos.

This activity is divided into two sub activities: A storyboard to plan a video to carry out a research and the videoclip itself.

To make our Video Planning we used Storyboard That, which is a very simple tool to make comics. It offers a great amount of resources for you to develop your ideas and create stories related to any topic you wish.

Here is the link to the comic:

To design our videoclip for the animals research we used Sony Vegas Pro, an awesome tool that allowes us to create, design, modify any video to make it much more attractive. You can customize any feature and detail related to the video. The only disadvantage could be that it is not a free online tool, but the results are just fantastic.

Furthermore, we published this entry on the ESL Times blog, so we inmidiately became reporters and received a badge.

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