Tuesday, 19 April 2016


The whole group of students who are currently studying a Master in Bilingual Teaching in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos decide to carry out a Chocotalk about CLIL under María Jesús García San Martín supervision.

The students were divided into several groups in order to carry out one cooperative project per group. One or two member s of each group  played the role of speakers and participated in a virtual round table where some relevant aspect related to CLIL were discussed.

The speakers were Ruben Peinado, Alvaro Gómez, Neus Fiol, María Inmaculada Caballero, Patricia Madrueño, María Dolores Barral, Celia González, Laura González and me, Guillermo Lagarejos.

Regarding my group Sara Rodríguez, Teresa Martín and Marina Goizueta did a fantastic job as disseminators and María Collado and Laura Pérez did it aswell as content curators. They all worked hard before, during and after the virtual round table discussion.

Content curation work:

In order to gather all the information that the Chocotalk was spreading my partners used Storify. This is a web tool that allows you to show key details and relevant aspect as if it was a story. It is really easy to use and the tool "makes the web tell a story". They looked for all the important hastags, comments or ideas spreaded around the net related to the virtual discussion. Then the programme puts everthing in order to show a logical sequence of events.

Dissemination work:

My partners made a big effort to boost Chocotalk importance in social networks, they promoted participation in the discussion and they made some people be interested in this event. You can see a great number of the posted entries of my partners and members of other groups.

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